You can contact me by email: kender =at= codingslut =dot= com

Here Balancing Moon @ GP you can find my (own!) newest game - on Google Play.

And Balancing Moon @ AppStore here you can get it for iPhone and iPad.

My educational app for special needs kids: Language Skill Builder.

My stackoverfow Flair: profile for kender at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers

Currently I focus mostly on mobile applications development, together with my wife - check our info here: www.owlcoding.com. Please check my referrals from my customers.

And my resume [PDF, 100kB] from Stack Overflow Careers.

My photostream on flickr and photos on picasa.

My blog (mostly in Polish).

blipCurses - python console application to blip.

Millions of years of evolution are finally paying off for Geeko Sapiens.